Digital Transformation

Revolutionising a global business school

Read about our recent work with Ashridge, helping them plan and execute a large-scale digital transformation.

  • Brief

    Ashridge’s website wasn’t meeting the expectations of their digitally savvy audience. Over 60 microsites had been created on a variety of platforms and there was a huge amount of content, much of which was never viewed or was duplicated elsewhere. Maintaining the site also required a lot of labour intensive manual processes, which could be replaced with digital automation.
  • Solution

    We helped Ashridge implement a total digital transformation by migrating their site to Kentico, automating several offline processes and initiating an internal cultural shift.

    The project reduced the costs of ongoing maintenance immediately, increased online sales, and gave Ashridge a platform for using online channels more effectively. Feedback from the school’s current and potential clients has been extremely positive.

  • What we did

    • Strategy
    • Branding
    • UX
    • UI
    • Ecommerce
    • Kentico Development

A bespoke digital strategy

The project kicked off with a discovery phase so that we could define a cohesive digital strategy for the entire Ashridge brand, with the aim of consolidating assets and realising all of the opportunities available.

As well as using quantitative techniques for this, including reviewing on-site analytics and website performance, we undertook some qualitative research to get a more complete picture. We interviewed internal and external stakeholders and carried out competitor bench marking.

Content strategy and governance

We agreed to consolidate Ashridge's digital offering into two core websites: Ashridge Business School and Ashridge House. Based on our findings from the discovery phase, we optimised the information architecture of the website, removing unnecessary content and updating the rest.

Working together, we introduced content governance and workflow to make sure that all future content added to the site is a high standard and that the previous situation can’t be repeated!

Website design and build

Following an iterative design process, we integrated the site into Kentico EMS – combining all-in-one content management, online marketing and an e-commerce platform. The new sites were made mobile and tablet friendly using a blend of responsive and adaptive design. And we were able to automate many previously offline processes.

The cultural shift towards 'digital' has been incredible and all the feedback says that the online experience now matches up to the real one at the school’s stunning 200-year-old Ashridge House.

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